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Great Islamic Philosophers by Mind Map: Great Islamic Philosophers
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Great Islamic Philosophers

Al Kindi


translated the works of Aristotle, Neoplatonists, and Greek mathematicians and sciencists into Arabic

believed that life is not eternal

influenced by Neoplatonists and Aristotle

used Aristotle against himself in the idea of eternity of the world

Ibn Rushd


wanted to harmonize religion and philosophy

regarded as an Atheist

Even though his philosophy influenced Thomas Aquinas, Thomas proved him wrong and was therefore considered an Atheist.


They believe that there is one truth, but at least two ways of reaching it: through philosophy and religion. They believe that the world is eternal and that the souls is divided into two parts: one individual and one divine. The individual is not eternal and all humans are at the sane basic level share the same intellect.

Ibn Sina





verified squares and cubes of mathematics


Father of Islamic Neoplatonism




had a role in political science

known for being like an encyclopedia

tried to synthesize Plato and Aristotles ideas with theology