Great Islamic Philosophers

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Great Islamic Philosophers by Mind Map: Great Islamic Philosophers

1. Al Kindi

1.1. translator

1.2. believed that life is not eternal

1.3. influenced by Neoplatonists and Aristotle

1.4. used Aristotle against himself in the idea of eternity of the world

2. Ibn Rushd

2.1. physician

2.2. wanted to harmonize religion and philosophy

2.3. regarded as an Atheist

2.4. Averroism

3. Ibn Sina

3.1. physician

3.2. astronomer

3.3. philosopher

3.4. mathmetician

3.5. verified squares and cubes of mathematics

4. Al-Farabi

4.1. Father of Islamic Neoplatonism

4.2. philosopher

4.3. logician

4.4. musician

4.5. had a role in political science

4.6. known for being like an encyclopedia

4.7. tried to synthesize Plato and Aristotles ideas with theology