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1 Man Shop "New" Sample Mind Map

Mortgage Brokers

Where Do I Find A List Of Mortgage Brokers

What Message Do Mortgage Brokers Want To Hear From Home Inspectors

What Information Do I Send Mortgage Brokers

How Do I Send Information To Mortgage Brokers

How Frequently Do I send Information To Them

Social Networking Marketing Strategies For Mortgage Brokers

Joint Venture Opportunities With Mortgage Brokers

How Many Inspection Do You Need From This Startegy Monthly


Real Estate Agents

Relationship Marketing

New Agent Acquisition

Top Producers/100% Commission Earners

How Many Inspection Needed From This Strategy


Go Direct To The Public For Business

Your Web Site/Blog

First Time Home Buyers Seminars

Classified Ads

Builders Warranty

Traffic Generation

Social Network Marketing

Prior Client Marketing

What To Send

Frequent Referrer Club

Include In Social Network Marketing

Track Results Of Your Efforts

How Many Inspection Do I Need Monthly From This Strategy