1 Man Shop "New" Sample Mind Map

1 Man Shop "New" Sample Mind Map

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1 Man Shop "New" Sample Mind Map by Mind Map: 1 Man Shop "New" Sample Mind Map

1. Mortgage Brokers

1.1. Where Do I Find A List Of Mortgage Brokers

1.1.1. Web Sites Top Real Estate agents Their Own Web Sites Web Sites Where Realtors Hang Out

1.1.2. List Broker

1.1.3. Their Associations Do A Google Search For Your Area Do They Accept Affiliates Can You Attend Their Meetings Can You Advertise In Their Publications Online Opportunities Offline Opportunities Will They Email Blast Out Your Message Can You Rent Their Membership List

1.1.4. State Regulatory Agencies

1.2. What Message Do Mortgage Brokers Want To Hear From Home Inspectors

1.2.1. Message Is The Same One The Client Wants To Hear

1.3. What Information Do I Send Mortgage Brokers

1.3.1. Lead Generation SOC Cards What Topics Frequency Lumpy Mail Tee Shirts Letters

1.3.2. Retention Thank You Cards Gifting Program Movie Tickets Savings Bucks Travel Incentives Special Occasions Cards

1.4. How Do I Send Information To Mortgage Brokers

1.4.1. Direct Mail

1.4.2. Email

1.5. How Frequently Do I send Information To Them

1.5.1. Lead Generation Monthly

1.5.2. Retention At Least Once A Month

1.6. Social Networking Marketing Strategies For Mortgage Brokers

1.6.1. Facebook

1.6.2. YouTube

1.6.3. My Blog

1.6.4. Blog Talk Radio

1.7. Joint Venture Opportunities With Mortgage Brokers

1.7.1. Seminars & Workshops

1.7.2. Blog Talk Radio Topics Short Sales

1.7.3. Advertising Online Offline

1.7.4. Social Functions Which Offices

1.8. How Many Inspection Do You Need From This Startegy Monthly

1.8.1. 4 Inspections

1.9. Tracking

1.9.1. How Many Inspections a Month

1.9.2. Who's Referring You

1.9.3. Cost Of The Program

2. Real Estate Agents

2.1. Relationship Marketing

2.1.1. Virtual The Same Social Networking Strategies You Use For Prospects Work For Agents

2.1.2. In Person What Are Your Criteria For Selecting A Target Office 40 Agents Minimum Be Able To Get In The Back Training Which Offices Are You Going To Select What Opportunities Do You Have In Those Offices Lunch & Learns Sales Meetings Charity Events Personal Visits Chocolate Houses Birthday Parties Social Event Sponsor Opportunities Other Education Opportunities CE Classes

2.1.3. Retention Strategies Thank You Notes

2.2. New Agent Acquisition

2.2.1. Which Offices To Market

2.2.2. Tools To Use Direct Mail Letters Lumpy Mail Send Out Cards Email What To Send Frequency Social Network Marketing Which Properties

2.3. Top Producers/100% Commission Earners

2.3.1. Identify The Ones In Your Marketing Area

2.3.2. What To Send Them Lead Generation Send Out Cards Lumpy Mail Letters Retention Thank You Notes Helpful Information

2.3.3. Frequency Of Communication Lead Generation Monthly Retention No Less Than Once A Month

2.3.4. Social Network Marketing Strategies

2.4. How Many Inspection Needed From This Strategy

2.5. Tracking

2.5.1. How Many New That Month & Who Referred Them

2.5.2. # Of Inspections From That Segment

2.5.3. Dollars Associated With Those Inspections

2.5.4. Average Price Per Inspection

2.5.5. Cost Of The Program That Month

3. Go Direct To The Public For Business

3.1. Your Web Site/Blog

3.1.1. Upgrade Your Existing Site Or Abandon Pros Of Upgrading Cons Of Upgrading

3.1.2. No Site Currently What Type Of Site Do I Need Static HTML Or Blog

3.1.3. What Content Should Be On Your Site Articles About What? Topics Video Topics? Audio Topics? Online Scheduling? What's In It For The Client By Doing Business With My Fiirm? Testimonials

3.1.4. Content Update Schedule Articles Video Photos Audio

3.2. First Time Home Buyers Seminars

3.2.1. Who In Your Marketing Area Is Conducting Them Now

3.2.2. What Will You Present What's Your Offer?

3.2.3. What Will You Give Away

3.2.4. How Often Should You Do Them

3.2.5. How Will You Follow Up With These Prospects Email Direct mail Newsletter/Tip Of Month

3.2.6. Tracking

3.3. Classified Ads

3.3.1. What Topics Short Sales Forclosures Radon Mold First Time Home Buyers

3.3.2. What Publications Craigs List Community Newspapers Which Ones Association Newsletters

3.3.3. What Offer To Use As "Bait" Free Report White Paper Audio Recording Video

3.3.4. Tracking Mechanism Unique URL Bud or Tiny URL Free Recorded Message

3.4. Builders Warranty

3.4.1. Where To Get The List List Broker MLS Info From Real Estate Agent Goverment Office

3.4.2. What To Send Postcard 2 Step Method Letter 1 Or 2 Step Method

3.4.3. Sales Process 1 Step Sale Call Office 2 Step Sale Landing Page For Free Report Free Recorded Message For Free Report Landing Page Content Autoresponder Info

3.4.4. Frequency 1 Mailing What Month 2 Mailings What Months

3.5. Traffic Generation

3.5.1. "Free" Traffic/Search Engine Optimization On Page Optimization Strategies Meta Tags Proper Use Of Keywords Webmaster Tools Off Page Optimization Strategies Back Links Article Marketing Podcasting Blog Talk Radio YouTube Facebook "Pages" Forum Marketing

3.5.2. Paid Traffic Pay Per Click Banner Ads

3.6. Social Network Marketing

3.6.1. YouTube What To Post Frequency Of Posting Target Audience Traffic Strategies Keywords To Include Having The Proper Video Title Setting Up The Description Correctly Setting Up Your Channel Properly Live Video Screen Capture With Photos Getting Comments & Video Responses Getting Subscribers

3.6.2. Facebook What To Post Frequency Of Postings Who To Invite & How Your Fan Page Your Profile Target Audience

3.6.3. Your Web Site/Blog Content How To Drive Traffic To It

3.6.4. Blog Talk Radio Target Audience Topics Frequency SEO Add Show To Others Sites

3.6.5. Linked In/ Plaxo Who To Invite Setting Up Your Profile Posting Frequency Target Audience

4. Prior Client Marketing

4.1. What To Send

4.1.1. Newsletter Who Will Produce It Asset Mac Snail Mail Or Email Frequency Of Mailings Monthly

4.1.2. Tip Of The Month Who Will Produce It Asset Mac Snail Mail Or Email Frequency Of Mailings Monthly

4.1.3. Follow Up Offers From What Companies Broadview Security Dish Network Lawn Service House Cleaner Send Offers Snail Mail Or Email Frequency Of Follow Up What Else Could I Offer

4.1.4. Send Out Cards Frequency Minimum 6 Touch Points Per Year Topics Their Birthday Anniversary Of The Inspection Christmas Thanksgiving 4th Of July Labor Day Memorial Day During Special Awareness Months, i.e. Nation Radon Awareness Month How To Automate The Process Set Up Campaigns

4.2. Frequent Referrer Club

4.2.1. What Would You Offer The Client For Referrals Gift Cards Movie Tickets Savings Bucks Travel Incentives

4.2.2. What Do You Want The Client To Do Refer Me 3+ Times Per Year

4.2.3. How Would You Announce The Program Initially? Email Facebook YouTube Your Blog Direct Mail

4.2.4. How Would You Notifiy New Clients About The Program? Direct Mail Email Social Networking Sites

4.3. Include In Social Network Marketing

4.3.1. Which SN Properties Would You Invite The Client Too? Facebook YouTube Twitter Your Blog Blog Talk Radio

4.3.2. Content Geared To Prior Clients Blog Talk Shows On Important Topics YouTube Home Maintanence Videos Facebook Crazy Stuff We Saw On An Inspection Aggrigate All Conten On Your Blog

4.4. Track Results Of Your Efforts

4.4.1. # Of Referrals Received

4.4.2. Who Referred You & How Many Times

4.4.3. Cost Of The Program

4.5. How Many Inspection Do I Need Monthly From This Strategy