digital devices

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digital devices by Mind Map: digital devices

1. digital camera

1.1. Storage Cards

1.2. recordable disk usage

1.3. easy to use

1.4. easily upload pictures to the computer so the class can view.

2. input devices

2.1. keyboards

2.1.1. wired or wireless

2.2. Mouse

2.3. digital camera

2.4. scanner

2.5. collects data that is inputted into the computer

2.5.1. there are tools that can erase a digital footprint within the computer.

3. output devices

3.1. speakers

3.2. printers

3.3. wireless clickers

3.3.1. "a wireless response systems Students can click a button to sent their answers to the teachers"(Lever-Duffy, 2011 pg. 159)

3.4. using a LCD projector will help learners that are visual learners, display computer images

3.5. headphones will allow individual learners to hear the audio without disturbing the rest of the classroom.

4. printers

4.1. laser

4.2. ink jet

5. Scanner

5.1. Can input material into the computer

5.2. Scantron,

5.2.1. "Optical mark recognition technology for scanners will help the teacher grade test and analyze the results"(Lever-Duffy, 2011 pg.147).

5.2.2. the grades can be automatically imported to a digital gradebook

6. Electronic Whiteboard

6.1. converts whiteboard images and text into computer files.

6.2. "once saved whiteboard information can be included in other documents or placed in an electronic archive for students to access later."(Lever-Duffy, 2011 pg. 154).