Marketing Warfare: The iPad Battle

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Marketing Warfare: The iPad Battle by Mind Map: Marketing Warfare: The iPad Battle

1. Sources

1.1. BLOG: People Like to Share

1.1.1. On the iPad changing the status quo Builds on Apple Success

1.1.2. From Toyota to Apple: Lessons from an Abstract Comparison iPad as Achilles' heal

1.2. Book: Marketing Warfare (Ries and Trout)

1.3. Sites

1.3.1. nook

1.3.2. Kindle DX

1.3.3. QUE

2. Apple Analysis

2.1. Defensive Marketing

2.1.1. Priority #1: Defend / Strengthen iUniverse Increase revenue stream iBooks Increases Entry Barrier Build on Successs iTunes Hardware Third Party

2.1.2. Priority #2: Control iUniverse Closed Model vs Open Builds on AT&T relationship Select Vendors Select Delears

2.1.3. Priority #3: Increase Reach / Acceptance of iUniverse Builds on Dev Community But control with API / Dev platform Support File Formats ebook reader Full Color All touch BT Keyboard Open Platform / File Formats Overlapping Segmentations Readers of eBooks Listeners of Portable Music Small Screen Movie Watchers People who purchase content on-line Low end PC / Laptops

2.2. Offensive Marketing

2.2.1. no leader identified

2.3. Flanking Marketing

2.3.1. no new uncontested ground taken

2.4. Guerrilla Marketing

2.4.1. not local or region, not willing to stop production

3. Strategic Squares

4. Post Outline

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1. My Dissapointement I wanted the Rumors Second Screen iPhone Capable MAC OS/X Multi-process Distributed Processing Capable Mega Memory Mega Disk Space Best eBook Reader

4.1.2. Time to Think Reality Sinks In Marketing Warfare What are they really dong Clearly Apple thinks they are the leader iPad is a defensive move from the leader who has the high ground and is dug in very well.

4.2. Why iPad is Defensive

4.2.1. Remember only Leaders should wage defensive campaigns. It's much easier to defend a position then wage frontal attacks on your competitors

4.2.2. Defensive Marketing P1: Only the market leader should consider playing defense Leadership in Portable Media Consumption I call Apple's domain iUniverse which they are the leader. P2: The best defense strategy is the courage to attack yourself. Always create a moving target for the competition Apple has a history of attacking itself to improve it's iUniverse P3: Strong competitive moves should always be blocked. B&N and Plastic Logic Alliance Amazon Kindle

4.2.3. Not the other Three Offensive Marketing P1: The main consideration is the strength of the leader's position. P2: Find the weakness in the leader's strength and attack at that point. P3: Launch the attack on as narrow a front as possible. Flanking Marketing P1: A good flanking move must be made into a uncontested area. P2: Tactical surprise ought to be an important element of the plan. P3: The pursuit is just as critical as the attack itself. Guerrilla Marketing P1: Find a segment of the market small enough to defend. P2: No matter how successful you become, never act like the leader. P3: Be prepared to bug out at a moment's notice.

4.3. Conclusion

4.3.1. Good Move: Moving Tarket Kindle will think twice Mobile Phone makers will think twice

4.3.2. Expect Mainstream App Integration Expect mobile devices to overlap our desktop world

4.3.3. Expect Apple to Attack Itself Next year will have all new version from Apple Each new iteration will be better then the past