Religion and Ethics

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Religion and Ethics by Mind Map: Religion and Ethics

1. Origins

1.1. Scientists

1.1.1. Big Bang

1.1.2. Darwin

1.2. Christians

1.2.1. "So God created mankind in his own image" Genesis: 1:27

1.3. Aboriginal

1.3.1. Life descended from thir ancestors, the spirits

1.4. Hinduism

1.4.1. Brahman created the world and the living creatures

1.5. Norse mythology

1.5.1. Ask & Embla 3 Gods found two pieces of driftwood and imbued them with livelihood. "Then from the host three came, Great, merciful, from the God's home: Ash and Elm on earth they found, Faint, feeble, with no fate assigned them Breath they had not, nor blood nor senses, Nor language possessed, nor life-hue: Odhinn gave them breath, Haenir senses, Blood and life hue Lothur gave." Voluspa, Elder Edda

2. Purpose

2.1. Christianity

2.1.1. Be the image of God

2.1.2. Love others as you love yourself

2.2. Atheists

2.2.1. Since there is no afterlife, this one life is of great importance. Only humans can help themselves and each other solve the world's problems.

2.3. Pauline

2.3.1. You decide your purpose yourself

2.4. Aboriginal

2.4.1. The purpose is to follow the path of their ancestors by following the drawings that are marked on either rocks, paintings etc.

3. Destiny

3.1. Christianity

3.1.1. Heaven & Hell

3.2. Aboriginal

3.2.1. Their spirits return through the land. Once deceased, they leave a marking/drawing promising their tribe and people that they will guide and look after them.

3.3. Hinduism

3.3.1. Reincarnation until gain enlightenmen

3.3.2. Brahman

3.4. Islam

3.4.1. Paradise or hell