Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook by Mind Map: Silver Linings Playbook

1. Relationships that develop between Characters

1.1. Pat Jnr's relationship with his Pat Snr

1.1.1. Pat Snr comes to sympathizes and accepts his sons mental disorder. Pat Snr goes into Coopers room and opens up to him, this is portrayed Using close ups of their faces to display the emotion. When Pat Snr has so much faith that his son is good enough to get a score of 5 in the dance even though Cooper Doesn't think he can. This is portrayed with joy and excitement but he is also anxious using full body shots and some close ups also Eye level shots they are able to display his feelings.

1.2. Pat Jnr's relationship with Patel

1.2.1. After Patel and Pat meet at the football game, the relationship significantly changes, having a closer, friendship bond When Patel arrives at the stadium he has face paint on and is wearing football colours, as opposed to his normal suit. This represents his change from Pat's psychologist to his friend.

1.3. Pat's relationship with Tiffany

1.3.1. Understanding of each others personalities and issues and a strong relationship Tiffany persists with Pat through his unwillingness to form a friendship Pat finds out how Tommy died and sympathizes with Tiffany, shown emotion on the faces They are seen holding hands even though Tiffany still believes Pat doesn't have any feelings for her.Nikki is a slut.

2. Key Events/moments

2.1. The scene where Pat Jnr and Tiffany meet

2.1.1. Pat meets Tiffany, a girl that shares his experiences of medication and mental disorders, giving a relatable character for the narrative. They show the awkwardness between the hosts because their guests are talking about their mental disorders which is seen to make them uncomfortable They show close ups of Tiffany from Pat's point of view as if he found her attractive and was 'checking her out'

2.2. Pat chases Tiffany from the diner to the front of the cinema.

2.2.1. Tiffany tells copper about her past he jumps to conclusions and judges her . Pat makes a light hearted joke but Tiffiny takes it to great offense, storming out of the cafe to in front of a movie theater where she claimed he was stalking her then she changes her mind and decides to help in out of the situation. Tiffany felt hurt that she had finally going through a similar situation to pat and thought she could trust him with her feelings but instead he insults and jokes about her past. When Tiffany decides to help pat this is an example of the mental illness of outbursts of emotion she has this happens multiple times throughout the movie.

2.3. The scene where the parlay was created.

2.3.1. The narrative development within the scene is setting up the climax of the film by creating the parley bet raising the stakes of both the dance competition and the football game. When Tiffany is informing Pat Snr of the wins that the Eagels had while they were together, the camera shows Tiffany in bright light with Pat Jnr in the background while Snr is in dark light, all by himself. The light helps depict who is truly in the right and Pat is over the shoulder of Tiffany, showing where his faith lies on the matter.

3. How characters develop and change:Their decisions, what influences them and motivations

3.1. Pat Jr

3.1.1. Pat changes from being obsessed with Nikki to being more interested in Tiffany The dialogue in these scenes show Pat's change in decision from Nikki to Tiffany. With Nikki his conversation seems awkward and forced whereas when he speaks to Tiff it is personal and interesting. Also his fathers speech to him about choosing the right girl isn't all perfect and inspirational, but disjointed, much like the dysfunctionality of the family.

3.2. Tiffiany

3.2.1. Tiffany's husband (Tommy) has died in a car crash leaving Tiffany a widow Tiffiny Tiffiny has changed from the "Slut" that she use to be after he husband died in a car crash and left her a widow. she then was a joke in the town because of the amount of men that she had slept with. Tiffany changes when she meets Pat because they are under similar circumstances and can relate to each other. Tiffiny became angry at the end when Pat leaves her and goes to talk to Nikki, she storms out of the Thearte shortly after Pat leaves chasing after her he claims he has loved her all this time it just took him a while to get to where she was

3.3. Pat Snr

3.3.1. Pat Snr finds it difficult to come to terms with his son's undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Pat Snr doesn't want to deal with the fact his son has bipolar disorder. Pat wasn't able to understand his son's action and found it difficult to deal with, but comes to understand his son and his actions. He becomes more sympathetic and understanding as a father. When Pat comes into his son's room and opens up to him, showing close-ups on each of their faces to show the emotion in the scene. Pat becomes angry at his son when the Eagles lose, believing that because he got into a fight they lost. Tiffany tells Pat that they only lost because his son wasn't spending time with her, and that whenever he was with her they had won. He begins to trust Tiffany and understands his son being with her.