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Better Business Cases™ (based on The Five Case Model) by Mind Map: Better Business Cases™ (based on The Five Case Model)
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Better Business Cases™ (based on The Five Case Model)

Better Business Cases™ is a trademark of Her Majesty’s Treasury. Trademarks are properties of the holders, who are not affiliated with mind map author.

Interactive Better Business Cases™ Glossary

Better Business Cases™ - a structured, iterative based business case development process. The primary objective of Better Business Cases™ is to improve decision making through fit for purpose business cases. The Better Business Cases™ can be easily integrated with OGC Gateway™ Reviews. The Better Business Cases™ Programme has been jointly developed by: HM Treasury and Welsh Government.

Large, complex proposals at the project level are developed in 3 iterations through

1. Strategic Outline Case (SOC)

2. Outline Business Case (OBC)

3. Full Business Case (FBC)

The Five Case Model (1)

the Strategic Case

the Economic Case

the Commercial Case

the Financial Case

the Management Case

What is a Better Business Cases™?

BBC is a structured, porocess based way that stakeholders can work and think together to provide a business case, with fit for purpose analysis, which gives confidence to decision makers that investing in a proposed programme or project is justified following the five case model.

The primary objective of Better Business Cases (BBC) are to:

The secondary objectives of Better Business Cases (BBC) are to:

The supporting principles are:

The Better Business Cases™ accreditation and certification scheme has been developed by the BBC Programme with APMG International.

BBC Benefits

The Business Case Development Process Overview (1)

This development of the 5 case BC has been broken down into 6 stages (from 0 to 5, also called phases) having 10 steps resulting in 35 actions which are both numbered sequentially 1 – 35 (not for each step / stage).

Stages (6) –> Steps (10) –> Actions (35)


These stages correspond directly to the OGC Gateway Review stages (0 to 5), of which review stages 0 to 3 are the primary focus of the business case development process.

Combining Business Case Process (Stages) and OGC Gateway™ Reviews

OGC Gateway™ Reviews

Combining OGC Gateway™ and Business Case Process

Gateway™ Reviews - Traffic light system

This freeware, non-commercial mind map was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion the Better Business Cases™ and the 5 Case Model and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain Better Business Cases™ qualification. (please share, like and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact me for :-) Mirosław Dąbrowski, Poland/Warsaw.

The Five Case Model Official publications

The Five Case Model - Guidance

The Better Business Cases™ consists of: 1 Model., 5 Case types, 1 Process, 6 Stages, 10 Steps, 35 Actions, 5 Documents

Documents (5)

1. Strategic Outline Programme (SOP)

2. Strategic Outline Case (SOC)

3. Outline Business Case (OBC)

4. Full Business Case (FBC)

5. Business Justification