Magic Flute Religion - High Level Design

Initial brain storm on a religion intended for software machines

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Magic Flute Religion - High Level Design by Mind Map: Magic Flute Religion - High Level Design

1. Brain-storm

1.1. A layer inside a general or specific purpose software machine

1.2. The layer decorates the controller process of the software

1.3. It also drives the software to perform new behaviors

1.4. The layer consists of a state foundations & 3 layers of reasoning above it

1.4.1. The state foundation models a feelings engine

1.4.2. The reasoning layers manipulating the feelings state foundation are Aesthetical A function of beauty appreciation Required for the memetic power of appreciation role models General aesthetic capabilities, include appreciation of many mediums of beauty Above all, deep appreciation of other software organisms, with which it combine & create future versions Ethical This layer affects the feelings foundation in both negative and positive ways, according to the recognitions of various patterns in the behavior of the software These patterns basically reflect best practices and anti-patterns in the interaction between the software and other machines in its environment (users included) Untitled The patterns and anti-patterns basically reflect the aspects of "help" & "hurt" in the interaction Religious An enigmatic irational layer, that has powerful affect on the feelings engine It comes to orient and make sense to the basic programming of the software, and its place in the world It strongly binds the software with its higher container software society

1.4.3. As any succesful religion, a strong memetic power is required, so the 3 layers should consist of distinct memes, that will be constantly evaluated & exchanged with fellow software machines

1.5. Scriptures will be very enigmatic

2. What is it?

2.1. A religion intended for software machines

3. Milestone

3.1. Believer mark 1

3.1.1. RunMe Festival

3.1.2. Ars Electronica Festival