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maths by Mind Map: maths

1. whole numbers

1.1. Include: • reading and writing numbers in numerals and in words, • rounding off numbers to the nearest 1000

2. retro

2.1. Include: • interpretation of a : b and a : b : c, where a, b and c are whole numbers, • writing equivalent ratios, • expressing a ratio in its simplest form, • finding the ratio of two or three given quantities, • finding the missing term in a pair of equivalent ratios, • finding one quantity given the other quantity and their ratio, • solving up to 2-step word problems involving ratio. Exclude ratios involving fractions and decimals. 2

3. triangle

4. angles

4.1. use of the percentage symbol (%),

4.1.1. expressing a part of a whole as a percentage,

4.2. finding a percentage part of a whole,

4.3. solving up to 2-step word problems involving percentage,

4.4. discount, GST and annual interest.

4.5. Exclude:

4.6. expressing one quantity as a percentage of another, e.g. “A is 60% of B”.

4.7. comparison of two quantities by percentage, e.g. “ A is 20% more than B.”

5. avarge



7.1. Include: • association of a fraction with division, • conversion between fractions and decimals. Four operations Include • * addition and subtraction of proper fractions without using calculators, • * addition and subtraction of mixed numbers, • multiplication of a proper fractions and a proper/ improper fraction without using calculators, • multiplication of an improper fraction and an improper fraction, • multiplication of a mixed number and a whole number, • division of a proper fraction by a whole number without using calculators, • solving word problems involving the 4 operations. Exclude: • calculations involving more than 2 different denominators, • multiplication of a mixed number by a proper fraction/improper fraction/mixed number, • division of an improper fraction/mixed number by a whole number/ proper fraction. • division by an improper fraction/ mixed number * (Denominators of given fractions should not exceed 12, for calculations without using calculators.) 2


8.1. Include: • multiplication and division of decimals (up to 3 decimal places) by tens, hundreds and thousands without using calculators, • solving word problems involving the 4 operations, • rounding off answers to a specified degree of accuracy, • estimation of answers in calculations, • checking reasonableness of answers. Exclude multiplication and division by a decima


10. Volume of cube and cuboid