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Freedom by Mind Map: Freedom
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Freedom. Freedom to think and develop in identity as a human being without corrupting influence, such as media and social conforming. Freedom of expression and freedom to live in the chosen way without bringing harm to others. Freedom to live without being born into societies dominant culture and systems. We are born with expectations to behave a certain way and it is enforced by the Education system. We are then taught about certain things such as History, which is presented to Young People selectvely. I think Young People have a right to the truth and exploration. There should be different perspectives discussed. These should be intepretative and not so factual. In the education system there is a dominant amount of banking education where the students must listen to the so called 'facts' and less creative learning. A lack of freedom to develop in an empowering manner, discovering identity and competencies may lead a Young Person into a life of dependency, confusion, mental illness, stress, drug use or suicide. I think this is possible due to large expectations creating stress and having to be involved in the system to decide. A persons identity may be conflicting with that of the dominant cultures ideology. Freedom to question freedom.

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