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Freedom by Mind Map: Freedom
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Freedom. Freedom to think and develop in identity as a human being without corrupting influence, such as media and social conforming. Freedom of expression and freedom to live in the chosen way without bringing harm to others. Freedom to live without being born into societies dominant culture and systems. We are born with expectations to behave a certain way and it is enforced by the Education system. We are then taught about certain things such as History, which is presented to Young People selectvely. I think Young People have a right to the truth and exploration. There should be different perspectives discussed. These should be intepretative and not so factual. In the education system there is a dominant amount of banking education where the students must listen to the so called 'facts' and less creative learning. A lack of freedom to develop in an empowering manner, discovering identity and competencies may lead a Young Person into a life of dependency, confusion, mental illness, stress, drug use or suicide. I think this is possible due to large expectations creating stress and having to be involved in the system to decide. A persons identity may be conflicting with that of the dominant cultures ideology. Freedom to question freedom.

Systematic implementation

 Freedom is connected to Systematic Implementation. The System we live in enforces what we can and cannot do and what we have access to. To access certain things we must get inside the system. Systems can also be positive and create further freedom. I think that the way we live is decided by other leaders, exterior to Australia, to some extent and I despise this, not knowing the lengths of it. I think that inside the system we live, that I do not like, there are some great outcomes and there is movement. I think that women and Young People in particular are recognised and valued progressively. Government is connected to systematic implementation. This is government deciding and implementing the systems we live in. Government distributing money to maintain a system and organisations within those systems.    


 Freedom connects to Government. This is due to us living in a country with a Government. If the people decide they disagree with a governed society, they do not have the freedom to rebel without consequence. For example, people must follow the state laws or they may be fined, jailed etc. People vote in Government members, however Young People are not eligible to vote in Australia, until they are eighteen. Young People are not permitted choice in the leadership of their residing country. I think this strips Young People of freedom of choice and devalues competency.    


Freedom connects to people. People, animals and nature are all involved in living. We are all affected by restriction to some extent, living according to others order. People have the communication skills and the ability to use their voice. People can initiate change for further freedom. I think awareness and reflection of people and systems is needed for this.  People are connected to Government People are affected by the way their residing country/state is governed and by our influence in changing the leadership in Government.    

Social class

Social class and Freedom. Freedom from being labelled as a class! Lower class to middle class has less freedom with time, working to survive and care for those around them. Upper class has the money to buy business and pay others small amounts to maintain that business, reaping profit. It depends on the individual, although I think being at the lower end of 'social class' can be extremely rich. There may be a larger appreciation of life and exploration. Sometimes the focus may shift from materialism to something of deeper value. Young People may have expectations to maintain a certain level of social class, may not 'fit in' in certain areas or may be a lot more reflective due to positioning in society. This is in Australia, social class in somewhere like India is extreme division with extreme abuse. (Born into Brothels is an amazing documentary).  


Money connected to Freedom. We cannot be free from money. We need to pay for land, food, healthcare and the things we would like to do (luxuries). There may be escape from money, living in a different type of community, somewhere. Systems connected to money. We live in a monetary system, implemented by Government, the enforces of such systems. There can be helpful systems distributing money, such as Centrelink. I think our society is extremely money oriented and much focus is on our economy rather than weldare. Well business thrives, Young People tend to be in school, sometimes with little support. Many Young People will recieve Youth Allowance. I think this is great although there are loop holes in the system in my opinion. There is a new type of support where higher education students who are not recieving a scholarship may be eligiable for a scholarship through Centrelink.


Awareness connected to Freedom. Awareness of surroundings, restrictions and a personal identification of freedom, rather than being told what it is. Awareness of rights to freedom, what is implied and what is law.  Awareness is connected to Government This is connected due to the extent of our awareness regarding government. This involves past and current leaders, decisions that influence us and the process of voting, acting and revolt. Awareness is connected to Quality of Life. Awareness of politics to acknowledge the power of voice and beating a stressful disempowerment. I have spoken to Young People who see change in Politics as unreachable. It is distressing. Awareness of organisations and their work, such as human rights.  


Ideology and Freedom. People are free to believe and have faith in what they choose. People cannot behave contrary to the law regardless of ideology. Young People may be demanded to follow a certain ideology by the family. Ideology is also connected to awareness This is due to knowledge enabling someone to make a more informed decision and positioning in their ideology. A lot of information is not free to explore therefore awareness is restricted.    


Choice and Freedom We can choose to move away from corrupt systems. We would still have law to abide by, although a lot more freedom to break law without consequence. Our choices are limited by systems. Choice and time are connected. People decide different ways of living and allocating time. Choice can be restricted or affected by money, mental illness, support systems etc.    

Quality of life

Quality of Life is connected to Freedom. Quality of life to live without restriction. To develop in an equally reachable manner. Social class affects this equality enabling access to upper class although not to others. Being empowered to make decisions and take initiative. Personal development away from corruptive influences such as media.   To be able to enjoy the worlds natural resources without contamination. Quality of Life is connected to time. The way we spend our time affects our quality of life. For instance, spending five days a week in an employment environment you despise, in oppose to getting paid for something you are passionate about and enjoy. Choosing the distribution of our time, hopefully involving recreational activities.     


 The Employment and Freedom connection. To survive we need money, when employed we can access more. Money creates freedom to move. On the contrary, many people are working in jobs they are uninterested in. Usually five days a week of unhappiness. I think people spend more time working for money than experiencing greater freedom to live and access a fulfilling life. People are literally selling their time. Finding employment can be difficult. Signing a contract may be difficult to get out of. Employment and Social Class. This connection is relevant due to money being the central function of social class. Employment and business decisions make different amounts of money; therefore this is a way of determining class. Another path for class may be inheritance. I find social class hard to comprehend. I think that it can be an attitude, although more importantly, a restriction or enabling of access. A Young Person will come from a certain background and it may be difficult for them to be a part of, or accepted into other communities. Some people may be employed to ensure survival and necessities while others employment may lead to luxuries.    


Freedom is connected to Time. Punishment by incarceration or death penalty is a form of restriction, therefore disabling freedom. This is important for Young People who the system has not funded or supported adequately and end up in the Juvenile Justice System. Time also spent working to survive and serve the expectations of culture. Time and Employment. I think that these are connected due to employment taking up much of our time. We work generally five days a week and use the rest of our time trying to rejuvenate and enjoy life. Enjoyment in life may be in employment. We can choose to escape employment and use our time in other ways. I personally find that many people are unhappy due to work. I think it is vital for Young People, us all, to identify what we are passionate about and work toward a career in that area. Employment may be a great use of time in that case.    

Health & Welfare

Health and Welfare connected to Freedom. Another person or organisation may view a person as mentally ill and institutionalise them. To whose standards though? People cannot choose to die via Euthanasia. That decision is illegal.  Health and Welfare connected to People. There is not enough funding for Welfare programs. Prevention services and rehabilitation for Young People in the Juvenile Justice System are not adequately supported.   Welfare professionals are payed poorly. Government tend to focus on business rather than social justice and welfare.