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Lotus Parenting Project by Mind Map: Lotus Parenting
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Lotus Parenting Project

Invite 12 speakers for 8 spots (8 week teleseminar series)

Build squeeze page mock-up at

FREE TELESEMINAR: List building and free Help for Parents; answer THEIR questions!

My Blogs/Websites: need nice graphics and a way to alert people when there is a new entry

Social Media: Link to blog, squeezepage and email list




Website, Facebook GROUP: Lotusparenting



12 steps

2. Interviewing

3. Start at the End, goal setting and creating a vision

4. Choosing a Title

5. The Discipline of Writing

6. Outlining

7. Storytelling

8. The Book Design

9. Self Publishing

10. Making Your Book Your Business

11. Marketing

12. Building a Brand that Commands


(1) MONTHLY TEACHING DVD BY KID IDOL (purchased by parents (upsell to Newsletter/CD; directed at kids; whole family watches)

Musicians/movie stars/famous scientists/artists/comedians - basically, people that the kids already LOVE to watch and listen to, people who stir their emotions


Teaching skills directly to teens

(for credibility/expert status/recognition)

BOOK 1: Special Parenting Secrets of the Super Successful

Rites of Passage Program for boys and girls

Free Teleseminar CD

Create a video game for teen

Continuity King system of Ryan Lee: MONTHLY NEWSLETTER AND COACHING CD (directed at parents)

Book 2: "Best parenting practices from around the world"

Live Events

For parents

For teens