Content Marketing Plan For Consultants

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Content Marketing Plan For Consultants by Mind Map: Content Marketing Plan For Consultants

1. Why Do We Create Content?

1.1. 1985

1.1.1. Your BEST client had to look you up in a phone book and call to begin the sales process

1.1.2. Your BEST client had fewer information sources and expected the consultation as a starting point

1.2. Today

1.2.1. Your BEST client can learn everything (or nothing) about you without ever calling

1.2.2. Your BEST clients expects a free consultation to be one of the last steps, not the first

1.3. Bottom Line

1.3.1. Content marketing is what your BEST client is using to differentiate solutions Bad News: Your BEST client isn't depending on your free consultation for answers Good News: There are now massively scalable ways to educate and attract your BEST client without free consultations

2. How Do We Create Content?

2.1. Message

2.1.1. Conventional Message: WE are the best We are honest We are #1 in customer service We have friendly people We care about our clients We are experts

2.1.2. Coveted Message: We are the best for YOU This is who we believe you are (target market) This is what we believe is affecting you (problems/desires) Our beliefs have led us to create the following plan for you (products/services)

2.2. Marketing Channel

2.2.1. What to create? Written Audio Visual Video

2.2.2. Where to put it? Google YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

3. What's The Benefit?

3.1. Scalable - the platforms do the work!

3.2. Systematic - puts high level content on a calendar

3.3. Authoritative - establishing trusted advisor relationship

3.4. Attractive - BEST client finds and chooses you (no chasing)

3.5. Asset - your continued efforts create a business building body of work

4. Models That Work

4.1. Step 1: What do you believe...

4.1.1. About your BEST client?

4.1.2. About what affects your BEST client?

4.1.3. About the role you play in fixing your BEST client's problem?

4.2. Step 2: Interview the thought leader

4.2.1. Leadership

4.2.2. Authenticity

4.2.3. Relevance

4.3. Step 3: Post, Syndicate, and Distribute

4.3.1. Video interview (Video Marketing)

4.3.2. Audio file (Podcast)

4.3.3. Written transcript (Blog post)

4.3.4. Visual Summary (Infographic)

4.3.5. Checklist (Lead capture)

5. What Do You Need To Make it Work?

5.1. You need a messaging strategy

5.2. You need a content plan and calendar

5.3. You need a system for execution

5.4. You need inspiration for creating great content