My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Video games

1.1. Developing/Designing Video Games

1.1.1. Creating my own gaming company

1.2. Beta/Alpha Testing Video Games

1.3. Playing Video Games as a hobby

2. Outside Activities

2.1. River Rafting

2.1.1. Business Idea: Create river rafting company in Northern California

2.2. Rock Climbing

2.3. Ziplining

3. Animals

3.1. To care for animals

3.1.1. Set up a shop to groom and take care of animals.

3.2. To train animals

3.3. To play with animals

4. Sports

4.1. Football

4.1.1. Business Idea:Create football camp for children

4.2. Golf

4.3. Basketball