My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. All types of music

2. Sports

2.1. I have to pass through College with perfect grades in order to further develop my learning skills.

2.2. I'd have to pass through High School with the best grades possible.

2.3. I need to save up my money so that I can travel the world and learn all sorts.

2.4. And even if do overcome all my obstacles where will even begin with my travels and my research.

3. Desires

3.1. I would also want to try to apply technology to surgery in a different and better way that has never been used before.

3.2. To find that special someone in life.

3.3. Have great kids, a lovely wife, and a wonderful life.

3.4. I want to use all types of technique that the best and the worst doctors seem to use to create a new type of technique in the process.

3.5. by using all of these techniques I will study different viruses and by applying all the skills that have learned I could possibly cure viruses and diseases that have plagued man for thousands of years.

4. What I like to do

4.1. Well I like to play two sports in particular and sports are both Cross country and Soccer.

4.2. I also like to spend my time equally both outside and inside because when your outside your free,it feels great with the wind blowing a gentle breeze, and its beautiful out there. But don't forget being inside has advantages like being protected from the elements,play games, and spending time with family.

4.3. I also love to write poetry because its a great,creative and beautiful way to express yourself. And its also great because if you write a master piece and publish it you will be able to spread wisdom to those around you and shed some light on those who don't have as much light as we all do.

4.4. listening to music

5. Goal

5.1. Create cures for diseases that have taken the lives of many.

5.2. Becoming a chemist and an engineer.

5.3. Applying all those skills that I learn to develop new medicine that could be used for the good of all

5.4. travel the word learn all assortments of medicinal technique.