Future Of Music Videos

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Future Of Music Videos by Mind Map: Future Of Music Videos

1. YouTube vs Band Sites

1.1. Youtube is for discovery

1.2. Artist website is for fans

1.2.1. Deeper engagement

1.2.2. Direct communication with the fan

1.2.3. Offers

1.2.4. Higher sell-through rate

1.2.5. Higher ad rates

2. Advertising

2.1. One piece of a larger puzzle

3. Labels

3.1. Warner vs Sony

4. Joint Ventures

4.1. Vevo

4.1.1. Abu Dhabi media co is a partner in Vevo

4.1.2. Google is just a technical partner

4.1.3. Timing Distribution through Youtube offers a huge scale Hulu primed the pump showed advertisers what is possible

5. Live

5.1. Live8 was a breakthrough moment

5.2. Chat is a good experience