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c/c++ by Mind Map: c/c++
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iso std c++

C Library, C Diagnostics Library(cassert), Character handling functions(cctype), C Errors(cerrno), Characteristics of floating-point types(cfloat), ISO 646 Alternative operator spellings(ciso646), Sizes of integral types(climits), C localization library(clocale), C numerics library(cmath), Non local jumps(csetjmp), C library to handle signals(csignal), Variable arguments handling(cstdarg), C Standard definitions(cstddef), C library to perform Input/Output operations(cstdio), Operations on files, File access, Formatted input/output, Character input/output, Direct input/output, File positioning

boost c++

String and text processing, Conversion, Format

Sepecial Libs

Wt(C++ library and application server for developing and deploying web applications)

Qt(UI framework)

WebKit(Browser Engine)


iso c


gnu libc

howto start, Header Files, Macro Definitions, Reserved Names, Feature Test Macros

Roadmap, Error Reporting, Checking for Errors, Error Codes, Error Messages, C Language Facilities, Virtual Memory Allocation And Paging, Character Handling, Introduction to Extended Characters, Internal representation, External representation, String and Array Utilities, Input/Output, Input/Output on Streams, Low-Level Input/Output, File System Interface, Pipes and FIFOs, Sockets, Low-Level Terminal Interface, Syslog, Mathematics, Arithmetic Functions, Searching and Sorting, Pattern Matching, Date and Time, Character Set Handling, Locales and Internationalization, Non-Local Exits, Signal Handling, Basic Program/System Interface, Processes, Job Control, System Databases and Name Service Switch, User Database and Group Database, System Management, System Configuration Parameters

Berkeley Unix