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Cell Membrane by Mind Map: Cell Membrane
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Cell Membrane


Fluid Mosaic Model

Cholesterol, Fluidity, found only in animal cells, Warm - less fluid, Cold - more fluid

Phospholipids, Polar Head, Hydrophillic, Non-polar Tails, Hydrophobic

Associated Proteins, Integral, Inside Membrane, Periphrial, Not inside

Glycoproteins, Cell to Cell Identification

Glycolipids, Cell to Cell Identification


Selective Permability

Non-polar Molecules, Pass through membrane

Ions, Transport Proteins

Polar Molecules, Transport Proteins

Associated Proteins



Enzymatic Activity

Cell to Cell regonition

Cell to Cell joining

Attachment of cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix


Concentration Gradient

High to Low, Passive, No Energy Used, Facilitated, "Facilitated" by proteins, Difussion, Simply passes though, Osmosis, Water only

Low to High, Active, Energy Used (ATP)


Hypertonic, More solute; less solvent

Hypotonic, Less solute; more water

Isotonic, Equal concentrations


Phagocytosis, "Cell eating"

Pinocytosis, "Cell drinking"


Waste and products exit cell