Cell Membrane

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Cell Membrane by Mind Map: Cell Membrane

1. Structure

1.1. Fluid Mosaic Model

1.1.1. Cholesterol Fluidity found only in animal cells

1.1.2. Phospholipids Polar Head Hydrophillic Non-polar Tails Hydrophobic

1.1.3. Associated Proteins Integral Inside Membrane Periphrial Not inside

1.1.4. Glycoproteins Cell to Cell Identification

1.1.5. Glycolipids Cell to Cell Identification

2. Function

2.1. Selective Permability

2.1.1. Non-polar Molecules Pass through membrane

2.1.2. Ions Transport Proteins

2.1.3. Polar Molecules Transport Proteins

2.2. Associated Proteins

2.2.1. Transport

2.2.2. Signaling

2.2.3. Enzymatic Activity

2.2.4. Cell to Cell regonition

2.2.5. Cell to Cell joining

2.2.6. Attachment of cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix

3. Transport

3.1. Concentration Gradient

3.1.1. High to Low Passive No Energy Used

3.1.2. Low to High Active Energy Used (ATP)

3.2. Tonicity

3.2.1. Hypertonic More solute; less solvent

3.2.2. Hypotonic Less solute; more water

3.2.3. Isotonic Equal concentrations

3.3. Endocytosis

3.3.1. Phagocytosis "Cell eating"

3.3.2. Pinocytosis "Cell drinking"

3.4. Exocytosis

3.4.1. Waste and products exit cell