Spring Break 2010

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Spring Break 2010 by Mind Map: Spring Break 2010

1. March 12, 2010

1.1. This was the last day of school before Spring Break. I went to the Tafolla Idol competition. It was fun. Then the day ended and I went home.

2. March 13, 2010

2.1. Saturday, me and my mother went to Blockbuster and bought some movies. Thenwe went to China Harbor to eat. We went to a mini flea market but we didn't buy anything. Then we went to Big Lots to buy things.

3. March 14, 2010

3.1. Sunday, I went to church, learned more about the Bible. After we finished the services, all the church members and ourselves went to he Golden Corral.(We have few members in our church, that is why we all went.)

4. March 15, 2010

4.1. Monday, I woke up and stayed home. I watched movies, read, and other things.

5. March 16, 2010

5.1. Tuesday, I went to my dentist appointment and found out that I had 3 cavities. The dentist drilled and filled my teeth and got a dollar. After that me and my mother went to get lunch. Afterwards we went to downtown and had fun.

6. March 17, 2010

6.1. Wednesday and also St. Patrick's Day, stayed at home again. Did the same thing like on Monday.

7. March 18, 2010

7.1. Thursday, I went to the dentist again to drill and fill my other cavity. I found out afterwards when they weighted me, I lost 3 pounds. I was proud of myself. I went to the Central Library and got some DVDs and went home to get ready for church. Actually prayer service.

8. March 19, 2010

8.1. Friday, me and my mother went to places like Half Price Books and the mall. I bought some books at Half Price Bookstore and some DVDs at F.Y.E. at the mall. We ate and went home to watch our new movies.

9. March 20, 2010

9.1. Saturday, stayed at home again. The only time we went out in this day is to go to our nearest Family Dollar store.

10. March 21, 2010

10.1. Sunday, went to church again and learned more about the Bible and again went to the Golden Corral again.

11. March 22, 2010

11.1. Monday, back to school. I was kind of quiet that day. I think I was bored.

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