About Me

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About Me by Mind Map: About Me

1. Family

1.1. Mom: I love my mom because she understands of what I need to do and what I do not need to do about things

1.1.1. Dad: I love my dad because he usually lets me do what I want to do with my own life. Grandmas: My grandma from my mom's side lets me bake all sorts of treats with her. My granny from my dad's side brings me to the park a lot when I go over to her house. Grandpas: I have three grandpas. My current grandpa from my mom's side if married my my grandma and he is super nice and funny. My other grandpa from my mom's side used to be married to my grandma but now he's living in Peru and he's making bad choices in his life right now. My grandpa from my dad's side is always taking my father and I fishing with my grandpa's dog.

2. Pet Peeves

2.1. I very much dislike how people think I'm so quiet and not fun, it very much annoys me and kind of hurts my feelings.

2.1.1. I also dislike of how I'm forced to eat things I don't want to eat, my father usually makes me eat things I dislike. I dislike how I have to get yelled at by my mom at home, my mom is worrying about my success at this time but my dad is worried about my success in the future.

3. Goals

3.1. I plan onto being a cartoon artist or even a drummer or guitarist.

3.1.1. I want to be a cartoon artist because people usually compliment me on my drawings and it keeps me busy when I'm alone in peace. I want to be a drummer because I like to hear beating noises and my brother used to play the drums, but now he can't because he moved away. I want to be a guitarist because I quit when I was 10 because I was betting kind of bored from it but now I want to get back in the game with it, but tennis is always in the way.

4. Pets

4.1. Hamster

4.1.1. I only have a hamster at the minute and his name is Stephano, his breed is a Teddy bear Hamster, and yes it's a real hamster. He doesn't usually bite but if you put him in another cage with another hamster they'll fight.


5.1. I love to listen to all kinds of music that make me full of emotions.

5.1.1. I love dogs, I used to have one but she died about 6 months ago from heart problems, but I'm hoping I could have one for Christmas. I like to sit out in open fields where there is peace and quiet and where I can just let my mind run through. I love to dance and sing, but I don't sing very good and I don't dance really good I still love doing it.

6. Music

6.1. I really like any types of music.

6.1.1. I mostly listen to rock, pop, sometimes classical, and sometimes rap. Rock: I like listening to AC/DC Classical: Ode To Joy by Beethoven

7. Food

7.1. I love to eat food either when I'm hungry, or bored.

7.1.1. Usually I'll be eating chips for a snack but sometimes I'll eat beef sticks if my dad goes to a certain butcher place in Michigan City called Pete's. I love to eat cookie dough ice cream whenever I get the chance to eat it. The chips I most prefer and original and baked potato chips. Baked potato chips are my most favorite and they're delicious.

8. Clothes

8.1. I do have different likings in clothing that I get picky and not picky about once in a while.

8.1.1. Sometimes I like to wear comfortable clothes or sometimes I like to wear fashionable clothes for the fun of it. At school I like to dress fashionable but also comfortable at the same time.

9. Hobbies

9.1. I play tennis a lot for a sport, but I really want to switch to a different sport that's easier than tennis.

9.1.1. I like to draw often where I can focus and impress others with my drawing skills that I have. I just started playing the drums about two days ago and I plan on keeping up with it because I really want to become a famous drummer.

10. Fears

10.1. I am really scared of the dark for some strange reason, and I will start to freak out easily.

10.1.1. I actually have a fear of ghosts too, I am afraid of them, probably because of seeing too much scary movies.