Me (Abe)

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Me (Abe) by Mind Map: Me (Abe)

1. Hobbies

1.1. Eating Bread: Doing this brings me comfort.

1.2. Video Games: Have much the same effect as reading.

1.3. Reading: Reading lets me escape from reality.

2. Family

2.1. Mom: Sne has always been there for me and been able to help me.

2.2. Brothers: Despite their many quarrels they love me and vice versa

2.3. Dad: Even though I don't see him often I know that he is still there for me.

3. How I Spend My Day(s)

3.1. School: It is required of me.

3.2. Video Games: Video games are my favorite type of entertainment because they put me in the action.

3.3. Sleeping: It brings me renewed energy.

4. Friends

4.1. Nico G.: Known since 6th grade

4.2. Tucker M.:Known since 7th grade

5. Pet Peeves

5.1. When people insult my weight. : It hurts my feelings even though I know they're joking.

6. Memories

6.1. When my littlest brother was born: I remember showing everyone in my kindergarten class pictures of him.

7. Worries and Fears

7.1. A Violent Death: I would rather die in my sleep.

8. My Identies

8.1. Brother: I have two brothers.

8.2. Son: I have parents.

8.3. Cousin: I have cousins.

9. Things I Know About

10. Goals

10.1. College: Going to college will give me a better chance at a job.

10.2. To have a loving family (Where I am the Dad): I would not want to be single for the rest of my life.

11. Music, TV, Video Games, etc.

11.1. Video Games: Clash Of Clans, Super Smash Bros.: I like action and strategy games.

11.2. Movie: Avenger's: I love superheroes.