Proven Profitable Problems

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Proven Profitable Problems by Mind Map: Proven Profitable Problems

1. New fulfilling job/career

2. Business & Entrepreneurship

2.1. Start a new business with clarity and confidence

2.2. Start a second business (Part time income)

2.3. Start a second business in retirement

2.4. Steady stream of new clients

2.5. Consistent, abundant cash flow

2.6. Successful business in 20-30 hours/week (work part time & experience success)

2.7. Simple lucrative marketing plan

2.8. Sold-out events and programs

2.9. Confidence and success with selling

2.10. Big responsive list of potential clients

2.11. Sell information products and books online

2.12. Create, market and fill profitable group programs

2.13. Team and systems to free up time

2.14. Get important projects done (time management and productivity)

2.15. Happy clients who keep buying (and refer other clients)

2.16. Get your book done

2.17. Be a magnetic, confident public speaker

2.18. Grow business with PR opportunities

2.19. Confident, effective leadership

3. Career/Personal Finance

3.1. Better paying job or career

3.2. Career success and recognition

3.3. Happy, comfortable retirement

3.4. Start a business after retirement

3.5. Clear life purpose and career path

3.6. Clear plan to invest money with great results

3.7. Make more money and keep more of what you make

3.8. Create passive income

4. Corporate

4.1. Employees who work great together

4.2. Profitable, productive teams

4.3. Great flow of sales/revenue

4.4. High productivity

4.5. Happy, healthy employees

4.6. Smooth transitions and low turnover

4.7. Effective leaders/executives

5. Relationships, Love, Family, Sex

5.1. Attract beloved or soul mate

5.2. Renewed spark and closeness in marriage

5.3. Great fulfilling sex

5.4. Love and harmony among family members

5.5. Happy kids that get along and listen to parents

5.6. Peace after death of a loved one

5.7. Passion and fulfillment after kids have grown

6. Health, Diet, Beauty

6.1. Relief from symptoms of illness

6.2. Heal yourself naturally (when doctors have failed)

6.3. Quick successful recovery from injury

6.4. Smooth comfortable menopause

6.5. Freedom from addictions

6.6. Ideal Weight

6.7. Pain-free

6.8. Healthy diet you love

6.9. Specific diets: raw food, vegan, etc

6.10. Look and feel 20 years younger

6.11. Vibrant high energy to do the things you love

6.12. Healthy happy pregnancy

6.13. Getting pregnant successfully

6.14. Fit, tone and in shape

6.15. Find and express your personal style

6.16. Deep satisfying sleep