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AVN Deep Sea Exploration and Drilling by Mind Map: AVN Deep Sea Exploration and Drilling
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AVN Deep Sea Exploration and Drilling

Project Managment

Oversee Completion of Project

draft project plan

collaborate with AVN PM

Perform Phase

support team members

responsible to see completion

Close Project

quality control

evaluate if needs were met

SME Interviews

Travel to Australia

schedule interviews

write interview quesitons

Conduct interviews

conduct interviews

transcribe interviews

Deliver to ID Team

deliver video footage

deliver trancripts

Instructional Design

Instructional Designers


Deliver SME interview questions


develop each module

Collaborate with mulch-meadia team


Incorporate learning objects

build the LMS ready to implement

Vidoe Footage

Travel to Austraila

set up shoot

get dive gear

Oil Drilling Footage

film all required footage

edit footage

SME Interviews

film interviews

edit interviews

Multi-Media Developers


obtain design plan

write project objectives


incorporate video footage

develop interactive objects

Deliver Learning Objects

SCORM compliant

Collaborate with ID team