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Ocean Literacy by Mind Map: Ocean Literacy
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Ocean Literacy

The Earth has one big ocean with many features.

Planet Earth is dominated by the ocean.

ocean's basin varies in size, shape, and features.

ocean has interconnected circulation system which is affected by numerous factors

Sea level

Ocean is extremely important in the water cycle.

The ocean shapes the features of the Earth.

It is responsible for numerous geochemical cycles.

It has changed over time thus changing the surface of land.

through erosion

It affects landforms of the coast.

The ocean has a major influence on weather and climate.

ocean dominates Earth's energy, water

ocean absorbs much solar heat

carbon cyle

ocean circulation changes can cause abrupt changes in climate

Earth is habitable because of the ocean.

Most of the O2 originally came from organisms in the ocean.

First life likely started in the ocean.

The ocean is home to a variety of organisms.

diverse ecosystems

ocean life varies from very small viruses to very large blue whales

factors affect diversity of organisms

National Marine Sanctuaries are used to protect and preserve oceanic organisms.

ocean habitats are defined by environmental factors thus leaving it "patchy"

The ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected.

ocean supplies water, 02, moderates the climate, weather

foods, medicines, minerals, energy resources all come from the ocean

much of world's population lives in coastal areas

humans affect the ocean in a variety of positive and negative ways

ocean is a source for inspiration, recreation, discovery

The ocean is largely unexplored.

less than 5% of the ocean has been explored

future sustainability of ocean resources is directly related to our understanding of those resources

use of mathematical models is an essential part of ocean sciences

ocean exploration is truly interdisciplinary

ACES Signals of Spring curriculum guide as an aid in classroom studies of ocean literacy.

classroom activities


inquiry based instruction

teaches students an understanding of the ocean's influence on them and their influence on the ocean.