Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict

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Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict by Mind Map: Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict

1. Politics

1.1. Eritrean War of Independance

1.1.1. In 1962, Ethiopia annexes Eritrea, making it a province; war of independance begins 1974 - Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie overthrown in a military coup. 1977-78 Soviet advisers and Cuban troops help Ethiopian forces reverse significant advances made by Eritrean guerrillas.

1.1.2. Britain decides to make Eritrea a federal component of Ethiopia British forces occupy Eritrea Was held by Italy from 1885-1941

1.1.3. Soviets support Ethiopia Ship 50 ships of weapons to Ethiopia Wants to impress other westernized countries

1.2. Post-Independance War

1.2.1. 1995 - Eritrean troops invade the Yemeni-held Hanish islands at the mouth of the Red Sea. 1998 - International arbitration panel awards the Greater Hanish island to Yemen and divides other smaller islands between the two countries. 1998-2000 - Eritrean-Ethiopian border clashes turn into a full-scale war which kills some 70,000 people.