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Chapter 7: Legal, Ethical & Tax Issues in Electronic Commerce by Mind Map: Chapter 7: Legal,
Ethical & Tax Issues in 
Electronic Commerce
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Chapter 7: Legal, Ethical & Tax Issues in Electronic Commerce

Why is this Important?

1. E-Commerce = cross-border international business

2. E-Commerce = fast & efficient communications

3. E-Commerce = customer contact is interactive

4. E-Commerce = promotes C2C interactions

can raise conflict between buyers and sellers (consumers)


Legal issues

Geographical-Legal Relationships, Power, Effects, Legitimacy, Notice

Contractual Jurisdiction, Subject-Matter Jurisdiction, Personal Jurisdiction, Conflict Laws

Contractual Enforcement, What is a Contract?, Written Contracts, Warranties and Disclaimers, Authority to Bind and Form Contracts

International Commerce

Culture and Customs

Treaties, Judicial Comity

Income and Sales Tax Implications

State Use Tax

Internet Tax Moratorium

Internet Resources

Web Disclosures

Terms of Service

Acceptance Use Policies

Conditions of Use

User Agreements

Privacy Policy

Personal Information, what data is collected?, how securely is it protected?, how swill my data be used/shared?, can i restrict the use of my data?, how do i update my data?, what if i am a child?, can i contact you?

Internet Resource, Direct Marketing Associtation's Create a Privacy Policy

Intellectual Property


all rights reserved

Fair Use

Purpose of Use

Nature of Work

Amount Used

Market Impact

Creative Commons (cc)

your ability as the author of a creative work to specify who has the right to do something with that work. copyright = all rights reserved  cc = some rights reserved



Non Derivative Work

Share alike

Patents (Inventions and Processes)

Trademarks and Service Marks

Domain Names and Cybersquaters

Anti-Cybersquating Consumer Protection Act

CANN UDRP Domain Name Dispute Proceedings

Cefamation and Deceptive Practices

Digital Watermarking & Copy Control

Internet Resources

Copyright Central Basics

Copyright information portal (cases)

Stanford: Copyright and Fairuse