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Adaptability by Mind Map: Adaptability

1. Importance

1.1. Prepares students for many different roles/careers they may have in their lives.

1.1.1. "Did You Know 2.0"

1.1.2. Preparing Students K-12

1.2. Expectations are constantly changing.

1.3. Ability to compete in a competitive world.

1.4. Enables students to alter ways of thinking, attitudes, behaviors quickly, and to not dwell on past ideas or practices.

2. Ideas for Educators

2.1. Games

2.1.1. Develops the ability to adapt to rapidly changing rules.

2.2. Goal Setting

2.2.1. Provides opportunities for students to practice self-management. Student Choice-Making Self-Checklist Teaching Choice and Decision Making: Teacher-Recommended Strategies

2.3. Climate of Ambiguity and Changing Priorities

2.3.1. Gives students a safe environment in which to work effectively.

2.3.2. Enables student creativity and does not demand only one solution to an inquiry or problem.

2.4. Roles, Jobs, Responsibilities

2.4.1. Allows students to adapt to varied sets of criteria.

3. Decision Making

3.1. What is my goal?

3.2. How will I reach my goal?

3.3. What are some possible road blocks?

3.4. Of the options I have, which one is the best?

4. Independent Performance

4.1. Working toward goal as independently as possible

5. Self-Evaluation

5.1. Evaluating performance

5.1.1. Did I do what I said I would do?

5.1.2. Did I meet my goal?

5.1.3. What could I do next time that would be more effective?

5.1.4. What did I do well?

6. Adjustment

6.1. My Goal was met! Way to go!

6.2. My goal was not met. Readjust my plan from the beginning, and start again making adjustments along the way.