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Existentialism by Mind Map: Existentialism

1. Death

1.1. Death is the only peace certainty that people have.

1.2. Life is a pointless waiting room to get to the final destination=death.

2. Isolation

2.1. Once people realize they are in an industrial, secular society they realize they are really alone.

2.1.1. There is no one around them, it seems as if there are no other human beings just empty shells of people.

2.2. People begin to isolate themselves and feel hopeless, like there is no way to make a connection with those around them.

3. Alienation

3.1. People begin to feel alienated.

3.2. There seems to be no human connection.

3.3. No one makes a connection to another person, they just go on with their day waiting to start it all over the next.

3.4. There is a sense of hopelessness, so retreating is he best way to cope.

4. The Void

4.1. There seems to be no way out of the endless rat race.

4.2. The future looks bleak and like a deep black hole.

4.3. There really is no reason for living.

4.4. The Void is to describe the hole that seems to be at the end of the tunnel, not a shining light.