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Outlining Your Book by Mind Map: Outlining Your Book
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Outlining Your Book


Write out your macro, or large-scale, ideas and zones to which you would like to write.

Then, start at the end and work backward, addressing those questions.


When outlining your book, it will help to consider who you want for your target audience. You want to look for the BIG markets and then write for their needs.


Write when your energy is high and you feel good.

List all the supporting facts and little anecdotes that will make a point.

fast way to write a masterful book: Make a point, tell a story, reiterate the point.

Make your bullet points a few key words or a few brief sentences at the most.


Remember, you need to visualize to realize. When writing fi ction, be sure you identify: • the main idea • the setting • the time • the period • the characters • the surroundings • the story • the character’s relationship to the story • who is a protagonist (the good guy) • who is the antagonist (the bad guy) • all the supporting characters and their relationships to the main character and to the plot And so on.... The more details you can get down now, the more richly-developed your story will be and the easier it will be to write your masterpiece!


Your book outline will lay the foundation for your book empire.

To begin your outline, start on the large scale and get specifi c from there.

Consider Your Audience and Think BIG.

Brainstorm with vitality.

Find what works for you.

Build a list of all the crucial details you will infuse into your book to make it a true masterpiece.

This is only an outline. It should consist of bullet points and not complete sentences.

When writing fi ction, you also want to create a story board in addition to your outline.

You need to visualize to realize.

Writing a masterpiece begins with your masterful outline.