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Online Collaboration by Mind Map: Online Collaboration
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Online Collaboration

Collaboration Tools

Mindmeister (jaqui)

Colaab (meryl)

Huddle (meryl)

BigBlueButton (meryl)

Adobe BuzzWord (liz b)

Webex (liz b)

Scopia (liz b)

Fuze Meeting (liz b)

MS Windows SharePoint Services (craig) (craig)

Basecamp (viv)

ConceptShare (craig)

Collaber (madelein)

ProjectSpaces (madelein)

Backpack (jill)

Zoho Projects (viv)

Google Docs (anamaria)

CentralDesktop (madelein)

Scribblar (madelein)

Glasscubes (duane)

Groupboard (duane)

ConceptShare (craig)

activeCollab (tracy) Workspaces (duane)

Google Wave (PeteS)

HyperOffice (Narelle)

JiveSBS (Narelle)

Posterous (Viv)


salesforce (louwna)

Lighthouse (jacqui)

File Sharing

Dropbox (craig)

Google Docs (anamaria)

swivel (louwna)

SolidWorks (louwna)

Adobe BuzzWord (liz b)


Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro (elaine)

Ning (meryl)

Fuze Meeting (liz b)

LinkedIn (jacqui)

Office Communicator (narelle)


CMS (jacqui)

eRoom Family (jane)