PC Operating Systems

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PC Operating Systems by Mind Map: PC Operating Systems

1. Windows 7

1.1. PROS-With 64 bit addresses, an operating system could theoretically use up to 16.8 million terabytes of RAM. Now, you’re obviously not going to have access to that kind of hardware for quite a while, but it does mean you’re actually going to be able to take advantage of today’s dirt-cheap memory prices

1.2. CONS-Generally, 32-bit applications work in 64-bit Windows, but the same can’t be said for drivers. In other words, old, crappy hardware might not work anymore. If you absolutely can’t be bothered to upgrade your 7-year-old printer, you might want to skip on 64-bit Win7.

2. Ubuntu

2.1. PROS-Usually it is excellent at recognizing a wide range of hardware. With Windows, one will have to download a driver for a 3Com WiFi PC Card, but with Ubuntu, it works unconventionally. Even the support for the WiFi card has made an improvement from Ubuntu

2.2. CONS-The installation will be quite sturdy on the MacBook apart. Sound will be audible from the speakers but not from headphones. Windows have always had problems with drivers in the past as well. It is confusing why Windows forgets hardware that have been installed previously. Windows 7 doesn’t seem to have any solution or an explanation to these queries.

3. Apple, OS X

3.1. Pros

3.2. Cons

4. Chromium

4.1. CONS- as the handwriting functionality is lacked in the Windows 7 Starter Edition which was available in all the other versions though it recognizes the touchscreen. Steve from UMPC Portal have made his move to load Chromium OS on Archos 9, but disappointed with the Chrome OS as it fails to recognize the touchscreen, lacks an on-screen keyboard and gets stuck at the entry level itself i.e., login page leaving you with a keyboard and a mouse, though it has a quick startup time.

4.2. PROS-The highly anticipated Google operating system for personal computers, which has reach the markets a day before. It promised a linux-based engine. This new OS will be another breakthrough for the powerhouse ran by Eric Schmidt, which many expect to be a huge success. The code-named Chrome OS will be seen, as Linux based operating systems and open source platforms have been available for a very long time, free of charge, and have yet to hold a firm grip upon the market.

5. An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of the computer that act as a host for computing applications run on the machine.