Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

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Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree? by Mind Map: Heartland is a realistic portrayal of a Singaporean boy’s search for identity. Do you agree?

1. Yes, it is realistic

1.1. Heartland represents the life of what many Singaporean men experience

1.1.1. National Service Boys have to attend NS at the age of 18 Meets strict sergeants who are demanding to instill discipline in the Ns recruits Depicts life in NS - which is tough and mundane To instill a sense of belonging when the men in singapore go through and share a common experience in their lives. Shows how ignorant some men are towards their own country For example, the group of NS men were unaware of the island they had to defend for

1.1.2. Relationship That social class matters for people in Singapore in the 1990s For example, Wing and Chloe's relationship could not work out as Chloe was too conscious of their different social class and she felt that she was better, more superior to Wing. Which caused wing to feel pressured and that she was looking down on him and his background

1.2. Singaporean students tend to be lost and have no goals in life. They would normally just go with the flow.

1.2.1. Wing did not have a goal when he was in JC and that was why he failed his A levels. He was often distracted by Chloe and the surroundings.

1.3. There are tradgedies in the story that can happen to anyone.

1.3.1. People in need of Kidney Dialysis Machines. People losing their lives in car accidents. People in need but government still not doing anything to help those people who are on the waiting list and cannot afford the dialysis machines

1.4. Heartland describes how many Singaporeans live. (culture. lifestyle)

1.4.1. The teenagers would often visit pubs. Those of different classes would hang out at different places. Chloe does not like shopping at the shopping centre Audrey was shoppping at because she was of a higher class than Audrey. Higher class people do not want to be in areas which are filled and commonly visited by people of a lower standard of living

2. No, it is not realistic

2.1. Although Wing has been through a lot, he did not change like what we expect a round character to but instead, he remained the same as a flat character.

2.1.1. Despite the fact that Wing had learnt many lessons during his relationship with Chloe, he only reflected on them but did not put them into action during his relationship with May.

2.2. Character

2.2.1. Wing is very introverted and thinks differently from his friends For example, Wing "never laughed aloud when he was alone no matter how funny a situation might be. It seemed strange. To him, laughing was a social thing".

2.2.2. Wing does not know what he wants in life, he's a person without dreams and goals Men are very career-minded; they know what they aspire to be and they work very hard towards it

2.2.3. Wing is very attached to his estate, unlike many other boys who are eager to move on to better residential areas Sees beauty in the past, while most guys now do not really care about the past and only care about the present

2.2.4. He is very alert of his surroundings and he takes in every single detail seriously. He notices every flicker of the light, every sound and every action

2.3. Family

2.3.1. Wing has a very complicated family background

3. Key words & ideas

3.1. realistic portrayal

3.1.1. definition

3.2. search for identity

3.3. Singaporean

3.4. Irony

3.4.1. Many Singaporeans are in need of help and suffering, however, the country does not do anything about it but spend their time on celebrations instead. Shows us how some people are suffering while we are busy with our celebrations unaware of their situation and no one doing anything to help, which is the case for many lower "class" families in singapore