How a business could use Web 2.0 Technologies

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How a business could use Web 2.0 Technologies by Mind Map: How a business could use Web 2.0 Technologies

1. Innovation

1.1. Ideas

1.1.1. Inspiring

1.1.2. Using creative knowledge of extended business teams

1.2. Creativity

2. Collaboration

2.1. Simplify communication and collaboration between clients and company

2.2. Web 2.0 is NOT replacement for other company terrains

2.3. Communication

2.3.1. Advertising

2.3.2. Efficiently reaching smaller areas of customers

3. Fresh business approaches

3.1. In order to reach links in extended value chain

3.2. Reinventing traditional sales and marketing stratgies

3.3. User Friendly programs

4. Value chain information

4.1. Using these technologies business can inform whole value chain of each other

5. So basically what I'm trying to explain:

5.1. Web 2.0 is only advancing and renewing NOT replacing organizational functions

5.1.1. It is user friendly

5.1.2. Reaches everyone it is intended for via the internet

5.1.3. Connections

5.2. Using Web 2.0 promotes:

5.2.1. Communication and colaboration between all elements of value chain

5.2.2. Innovative thinking about: Sales & Marketing strategies Product development

5.2.3. Relationships between links in value chain

5.3. Inform Information Informative Informed INFORMING

5.3.1. Enough Said?

5.3.2. I HOPE SO!!!