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Use of Web 2.0 in businesses by Mind Map: Use of Web 2.0 in businesses
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Use of Web 2.0 in businesses

Features and tecniques







What is Web 2.0?

It is the term used with the web based applications that makes the sharing of information easier and more desirable to use on the World Wide Web and allows interaction with other users and editing of website content

Businesses using Web 2.0

Coca Cola keeps its brand in front of young eyes

Best Buy is an electronics retailer that has built an internal social network

Ernst & Young has a Facebook-based recruitment program that enables them to keep in touch with the finest graduates

Dell uses IdeaStorm that enables customers to contribute to innovative designs

GE has revolutionized knowledge management through an evolved collaboration framework

IBM gets its employees together for various events

Social-networking sites

It is the online grouping of individuals in communities, workplaces or interests.

Communities help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed

Social-Networks enable entrepreneurs to get quotes, advice and more

connects individuals who want to start a new venture

Networks can be used to create contacts and share knowledge

Enables businesses to communicate and collaborate with others

Professionals can market their business

Helps the decision makers of the business make decisions

Businesses can find potential clients and business partners

Video-sharing sites

These are websites or software where businesses can upload, view or distribute video clips online

One can provide quick feedback

One can show customers behind the scenes of the business or the production of a product

New releases can be enhanced

Use video to raise your business profile

One can create authentic customer testimonials

Show how a new product is used or installed

One can use videos to review, demonstrate or present a new product or service

Videos are a cost effective way to train employees

videos can be posted about sale support and maintenance of a product


The flexibility of 'n wiki enables one to work in groups to update or edit work without making use of e-mail or take up time to make conference calls or meetings

Events and conference agendas can be made ahead of time

Users can add or edit existing content

A group of people can work on a document or a part of a document and all group members inputs can be assimilated quickly

Project key points can quickly be identified and agreed on

Wikis enable projects to be completed in a structured or an informal manner


A blog is like a online journal that is chronologically made up of short and frequently updated posts.

Business Blogs can be used for communication with customers and employees to share expertise and knowledge. Blogs are a corporate tool in a business and consultants and knowledge workers benefit from blogs

This is an excellent method to help build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers and employees

A business can give customers more information about the industry, company and products

Blogging can help a business achieve goals

Blogs can help customers to meet their needs and solve their problems

A useful blog can increase sales and growth of the business in the long term

Businesses are given a face, voice and more personal feel

One can add value to the business by promoting products and give discounts to customers reading the blog


Businesses who use integrated data services find mashups useful.

Enable businesses to quickly develop new integrated services

External or personalized information can be combined with internal services

User friendly Web browser interfaces make these services tangible to the business

Businesses can rapidly adapt to changing business needs

New insights can be developed when businesses act on new businesses act on new oppertunities

New innovative applications and services can be created

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication is a inexpensive way for a business to talk to the world by publishing web feed formats of work that is frequently updated like blog entries, news headlines and traffic

Business can increase the awareness of a brand

One can simultaneously produce and distribute content

Greater visibility can attract more subscribers that can lead to sales increasing

Regularly updated feeds promotes the business on search engine rankings

Saves time and increases productivity of a business


One is encouraged to use networks or the web

Social tools help one to share information easier

User friendly sites can be used without help from other

Distribution of information is made easier

Data sharing is made easier

The value of information lies in the content and not in the software

Problems can be solved easier and faster

Information can be accessed from almost anyware


Users are enable to send and read tweets (messages) on the social networking and micro-blogging website. The tweets are displayed on the author's and subscribers profile page

Meetings can instantly be made and confirmed

Can be used as a poll where clients can give their opinion on matters or new products

It can be used to direct a clients attention to good things or products of the business

News spreads faster than other sources. Sales or the latest products can be announced using twitter

One can be given great opportunities and it brings great minds together

It can be used as a forum for critics to give their opinion and the business can use or study the them to improve products or services

Twitter can help a business with future development in online social and financial expectations


These are digital media files like audio or video files that can be downloaded periodically when realesed

It can be used as a brand builder

Reinforces a business to think forward about the leadership perception

It can be used to deepen the relationships with clients

It can be used as a promotional tool

A business can sell sponsorships or advertise a product with a podcast