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Businesses and Web2.0 by Mind Map: Businesses and Web2.0
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Businesses and Web2.0


to save money, time and accomodation. Business meetings maybe conducted online, through the use of web cams etc, and decision making and business deals can be linked from japan to SA, for e.g. without having to cross boarders


One technique that web 2.0 allows is the gathering of collective intelligence and social collaboration to achieve market domination.

through web site creations businesses may advertise world-wide and allow spread and growth of he product

with the likes and revolution of hit sites such as 'You tube' etc, businesses may advertise cheaply and effectively


Businesses can connect to social networking gropus and hire out qualified people that are also part of those networks, they may even gain business proposals and give them. social networking allows for businesses to meet the necessary people that may help enhance growth of the business



Companies could create group networks for consumers keeping them up to date with the latest. While the consumers may be able to communicate with each other exchanging views as well as comment on their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Providing valuable information to the business and at the same time giving other consumers better insight. They would be more readily able to support the industry with confidence.


one is able to supervise workers over the net, if camera's are connected to the website and then to mobile- so one now constantly has a view on how the workers are performing, without physically being present or infront of a television screen


One can now sell products in the virtual world and deliver it to customers

customisation may also occur where the client may specify to the producer their preferences and have them delivered irrespective of residence