Web 2.0 technologies uses to a business

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Web 2.0 technologies uses to a business by Mind Map: Web 2.0 technologies uses to a business

1. Discover and tap into specific communtites of interest

2. opportunities are created

3. Enable new dimensions of imagination

4. Harness the collective intelegence of their people

5. Connect people to one another and to relevat information more efficiently

6. Ability to easily interact with customers, vendors and partners.

7. In the community

7.1. Tap the collective knowledge of the entire value chain

7.2. Enable the workers and customers to connect in ways not possible before(building relationships)

7.3. Branch to customers to pick products

8. Provides

8.1. Real-time access

8.2. Trusted Information

8.3. Customers and pick and choose and might create customer preferences due to sponsoring or packaging etc

9. The types of web 2.0 technologies

10. Creates flexibility

11. Create community value

12. Creates Innovation

12.1. Simplify communication and collaboration.

12.2. Foster innovation and responsiveness to customers and market place trends

12.3. Using ideas

13. Simplify communication and collaboration

14. Is cost effective

15. Improve Competitiveness

16. differentiate

17. Allow businesses to effectively and efficiently market products