Causes and Consequences of World War II

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Causes and Consequences of World War II by Mind Map: Causes and Consequences of World War II

1. Students identify and locate Allied and Axis powers on a map.

1.1. You are a soldier in the U.S military and are going to fight against the Axis powers.

2. Students discuss major turning points of the war.

2.1. Pearl Harbor

3. Students discuss principal theaters of conflict.

3.1. You are a writer for the L.A Times during 1944 and are tasked to write an opinion piece in regards to Operation Overlord or "D-Day". Was this a turning point of the war? Would the outcome of WWII be any different without this invasion?

4. 4. Students discuss key strategic decisions

4.1. Class debate on dropping the A-Bomb

5. Students discuss resulting war conferences.

5.1. Students will fulfill the role of the political leaders at the Conference at Yalta and reenact the conference. They will debate the issues discussed at the conference to determine if they come to the same ends as what actually happened in 1945. Students will then predict the consequences of the conference on the course of the world post WWII.

6. Students discuss the importance of geographic factors.

6.1. You are a military strategist for Adolf Hitler and have current technological presentation abilities. Create a video on why invading the Soviet Union is a good or bad idea?