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Idioms: parts of the body by Mind Map: Idioms: parts of the body
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Idioms: parts of the body


Give one's right arm: To say that you really like something.

Example: I would give my right arm for a lemonade.

Keep someone at arm's length: keep your distance from somebody or something

Example: It was one of those thoughts one had to fight down, keep at arm's length at any cost.

Open arms: to show someone that you are very pleased to see him/her

Example: i was happy to see my dad, so i greated him with open arms.


Behind someone's back: do something without someone's knowledge

Example: He sold my car behind my back

See the back of something: to be pleased to not have to be involved with something or somebody

Example: Sara was glad to see the back of her mother in law.

Put someone's back up: to annoy somebody deliverately

Example: Jonh really put my back up with his comments


Get someone's blood up: to get someone or oneself really angry

Example: Mosquito bites gets my blood up.

Be in someone's blood: to have a skill naturally, the family already have it

Her parents were writers too so is in her blood


Make no bones about something: to say clearly wath you think without feeling embarrased.

She made no bones about Mr. Cassidy lunch

Have got a bone to pick with someone: something that you say when you want to talk to someone about something they have done that has annoyed you

Example: I have to pick a bone with you, who was that gilr???