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a Company can use all of these Web 2.0 benefits to better their company by Mind Map: a Company can use all of these Web 2.0 benefits to better their company
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a Company can use all of these Web 2.0 benefits to better their company

What is Web 2.0

Complete explanation.

Enhances communication between Company and customer

Companies can offer a better service to customers made posible by better comunication

Makes it possible for companies to create a bond with the customer so that any problems and inquiries can be dealt with as quick as possible and as efficient as possible

By communicating more with the customer the company can pick up valuable tips as to how to improve their product or service

With better communication more information can be shared and with more information a better decision can be made.

5 Examples of companies who succesfully use Web 2.0 Technologies

Coca Cola

Best Buy

Wachovia Bank



Information Age

Share more information

Companies can even use external online communities to broaden their search for information on how to improve their product or service.

Boosts creativity

Web 2.0 technology's improves creativity as it gives people a better, easier way of expressing themselves and thereby having the confidence to bring up new ideas

Companies dont just create an online brochure anymore as there are better ways. They give customers the oppertunity to discuss their product and create a closer bond between company and customer.

Web 2.0 gives IT a unique opportunity to become more innovative, more creative and a more valuable part of business. By enabling collaboration and fostering community, they can inject major value to the activities of business units as diverse as marketing, customer service and business development.

Communication between customers about product creates a better picture of the company.

Customers can learn much more about the company by discussing it with a web 2.0 application like Facebook.

Changes the way customers interact

Gives customers a chance to discuss the business and it's products

Communication inside the company helps build a business

Web 2.0 technology's can even make communication inside of the company much easier. With better communication comes better and more collective work.

Web 2.0 technology doesn't only mean better communication between company and customer but it also mean's better communication between different companies. More communication between companies mean that they can start working together more and that will lead to a better more collective product or service.