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why did this bad things happen 為什麼會發生壞事? by Mind Map: why did this bad things  happen 為什麼會發生壞事?
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why did this bad things happen 為什麼會發生壞事?

Revelation 2:17

feel at home in the world 在世上如同自己的家

totally accept yourself 完全接受你自己

you can let go fear 你可以釋放恐懼

forgivness 寬恕

discover your talents 發現你的恩賜

need love 需要愛

become stronger 成為更強壯

discover the play in life 發現娛樂在生命中

live with sense of mission

become good person 成為良善的人

protect you for something worse 保護你免於陷入更糟的地步

may be if you continue like this , some worse could happen in the future. now you stop this path

god sees that you will become worse in the future following this path

punishment in this life-better than in the other life

for something i did in the past 因為在過去我做過某事

for something i did not repent

i am too proud

bad think is NOT ALWAYS BAD. seems bad now but can have good results

for you 為你

for your beloved ones 為你所摯愛的

from the perspective of PAST

from the perspective of FUTURE

what to do 該如何做 ?

trust god 信任上帝

relax 休息

receive holy communion 領受聖餐

it is not the end of the world這不是世界末日

ask advice 詢問建議

find what you are missing 尋找你所缺乏的

challenge to find who you are 挑戰發現自己

Revelation 2:17

do not seek so much the WHY this happend 不需要一直去尋問為何發生此事

find out WHO you really are UNDER THE BAD SITUATIONS 發現真實的自我為何在這仰的處境

find what you can GAIN from the bad situation

see what to do next

change life 改變生命

how to be lucky 如何成為好運

you receive also many GOOD things without asking why 你接受到很多美好的事卻不需要問為什麼