How web 2.0 technologies can help your business

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How web 2.0 technologies can help your business by Mind Map: How web 2.0 technologies can help your business

1. Communication and Advertizing

1.1. Social networking sites such as facebook make things about our business very accesiable to the community localy and abroad.

1.2. Web 2.0 is an important step in the development of internaet based tools which make the way you distribute information about your business alot more effective and easy.

2. Costs associated with web 2.0

2.1. The costs are at a very minimal as web 2.0 makes useage of many websites that are free to the everyday user.

2.2. With web 2.0 making use of lots of web sites that are cost free, the general puplic will recieve alot more about your business.

3. Why to make use of web 2.0 technologies?

3.1. With the useage ofe web 2.0 technolighies forms of advertizing and communication become alot easier.

3.2. In a country where only 2% of the population goes to univesity it helps alot when things are easier for people to use and less problems occur.

4. What is web 2.0 technologies?

4.1. In our modern day society web 2.0 is associated with many different things on the World Wide Web.

4.2. It is use with web programs that use interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centred design and collaboration.

4.3. It is not a new type of web but rather an update to the technical aspects of the web and how it is used in our society.

5. What does this help you with?

5.1. The ease at which you and your business can distribute information to interested parties becomes a lot easier.

5.2. Your information which you wish to share becomes more accessible to outside parties which wish to find out more.

5.3. The saying is ''Time is money'' is realy true in the business world and with less time spent trying to get normal things done on the internet more time can be added to other key functions of your business