Applicant tracking

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Applicant tracking by Mind Map: Applicant tracking

1. Do we need an Applicant Tracking System?

1.1. How many employees to we expect next year?

1.2. How many resumes will be entered?

1.2.1. How do we get resumes into applicant tracking system?

1.3. How many licenses do we need?

1.4. Approved jobs to be posted directly to corp. website/job boards?

1.5. What reports do we need?

2. The Process

2.1. resume

2.1.1. sourcer recruiter hiring manager

3. Areas for improvement

3.1. Recruiter A

3.1.1. 6 out of 10 recruits are rejected

3.1.2. Is still using print media for advertising

3.2. Recruiter B

3.2.1. Consistently brings in top quality candidates Mentor program?

3.3. National Advertising outlets

3.3.1. Are we getting the best price possible?

3.3.2. Can we re-direct some of this budget to local advertising?

3.4. Call center

3.4.1. Staff already overtaxed New hires? Need for more employees? More efficient process?