Web 2.0 vir besighede

web 2.0

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Web 2.0 vir besighede by Mind Map: Web 2.0 vir besighede

1. lacate possible future employess who are connected to business via 2.0 tech

2. intranets and extranets: the company can use intranets to link the networks in the firm and extranets for the suppliers and customers to have acces to some of the information

3. Blogs

3.1. Bussiness can publish stories, oppinions and links, it also allows better communications with its customers and employees Eg. Facebook,Twitter en Myspace

4. RSS

4.1. Reports and distributes business content to subs users of web 2.0 RSS is used to distributes international information and news

5. Mashups and Widgets: people in the firm create their own application to share information and ideas with fellow workers to create a social network inviroment

6. businesses can use web 2.0 technology to ensure better advertising and presentation of their business through the webb

7. web 2.0 tech includes webb based communties ,web, social networking, wiki's, blogs and video sharing sites