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Editing by Mind Map: Editing

1. Goals for the editing session

1.1. To look over all the footage filmed during day 1 and 2 filming sessions.

1.2. Start layering down all the base tracks on the timeline as well as the soundtrack.

1.3. Start to mark to the beat of the song

1.4. Decide on whether re-shooting is necessary and where we plan to go from this point of the production.

2. Problems

2.1. We did not have enough footage as we still had so much left to shoot from our storyboard, and so we could not cut the clips to see what it could look like

2.2. I forgot to put the footage onto the video drive before importing it into final cut, and so when I ejected the memory card, I lost all the work I had done so had to start again.

2.3. Not everyone in the group was in and I was left to edit majority of the footage alone, so I was unsure of where to go from placing the base tracks on the timeline a i could cut due to insufficient footage, also lacked opinions from the rest of the group.

3. Improvements for next editing session

3.1. Remember to export footage on the video drive before importing into final cut, so edited work is not lost.

3.2. Ensure all the members of the group have their say in the production, and follow the storyboard when in doubt.

3.3. Take more screenshots of the editing process as evidence of the work we carried out. Also possibly vlog future editing session.

4. Where to go from here

4.1. Re-shoot the tunnel shots in a different location as the light in the background took away focus from the artist.

4.2. Ensure a range of shots are used as the footage gathered focuses mostly of Mid Shots, More Close Ups needed.

4.3. Film the rest of the footage needed, and come up with a detail plan for the rest of the production.

4.4. Re-film the shots from Granary Square location due to bad lighting.

5. Overall, I think this was a successful editing session to an extent as we were able to look through the footage and judge whether we were happy with it or if it needed to be filmed again.

6. However, I think we could have used our time more efficiently, as we did not spend it all editing, we could have squeezed in a bit of filming. We did talk about this however failed to put it into action.

7. In my opinion I am disappointed in the footage we got. We managed to film about 6 Base Tracks however I think only 2 looked good and there's still so much work to do until we reach a point that I will be happy with. Although some of the member thought the footage was good, I disagree as I know we are capable of much better quality and effort.