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Beavers by Mind Map: Beavers
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beaver enimes



coyotes, bears

how big they get

an adult is about 3-4 feet long

they weigh about 40-95 pounds

there back feet are about 6-7 inches long

beavers lodges

is their home

takes a whole family to make it

lasts about 30 years

beavers tail

helps them swim

stears in water

warns beavers in danger

baby beavers lifes

getted teached to hunt

play with other kits

stay home for about 2 years and then parent teach them to hunt.

beavers dams

takes long to make

blocks water

keeps them busy

baby beavers

are called kits or pups

new born ones are about 15 inches long

they weigh about 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds

beaver fur


water proof

protects them from bugs