Learning Labs(evaluation)

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Learning Labs(evaluation) by Mind Map: Learning Labs(evaluation)

1. Process Control

1.1. Exploiting Web 2.0 - eTwinning and Collaboration

1.2. evaluation of learninglabs in mindmeister

1.3. how is responsible for process?

2. Creativity

2.1. seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different...

3. Logical Positive

3.1. Interesting to have new contacts

3.2. Interculturality

3.3. discovering new tools

4. Critical Judgement

4.1. Is this tool usefull for school?

4.1.1. no use of learning lab in school

4.2. not easy to find a contact in learninglabs website

4.3. nobody on line during champions league

5. Facts & Information

5.1. 208 participants

5.2. 6 members in group 21

5.2.1. Seval, Daniela, Tatjana, Maria, Dim, Eric

6. Feelings & Emotions

6.1. in order to experience ourselves in the world

6.2. how you do this?

6.2.1. ok, I am very glad to be in this group! :)

6.3. nobody is on line at the same time

7. New node