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CRM mindmap by Mind Map: CRM mindmap

1. Order

1.1. a stated intention, either spoken or written, to engage in a commercial transaction for specific products or services

1.1.1. a work order for manufacturing

1.1.2. a preventive maintenance order

1.1.3. an order to make repairs to a facility

2. Contact

2.1. the people that your company will have or already has an on-going relationship

2.2. Contacts may also have different types of relationships with your company, such as a supplier or colleague.

3. Opportunities

3.1. Once there is a budget and a timeline, a lead becomes an opportunity. It promotes the beginning of your sales process with a potential or existing client.

3.1.1. a contact or an account which has been qualified

4. Lead

4.1. a CRM lead is distinguished from other types of CRM contacts based on the fact that your company has made no contact with the prospect.

4.1.1. a contact or an account with very little information

5. Sales

5.1. Sales forecast

5.1.1. use past figures to forecast short-term or long-term financial plan average sales volume per unit area for similar shops in similar location of similar size number of consumers or consumer household in appropriate vicinity of the store and their annual expenses on the product in question

5.2. Sales activities

5.2.1. generate sales lead

5.2.2. qualify leads

5.2.3. prepare for the sale meeting

5.2.4. making initial contact

5.2.5. the sales meeting

5.2.6. handling buyer resistance

5.2.7. close the sales

5.2.8. account maintenance

5.3. Sales quote

5.3.1. allows a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done. Many businesses provide services that cannot have an upfront price, as the costs involved can vary informational quotes inspirational quotes famous sales quotes

5.4. Pipeline

5.4.1. “A sales pipeline is as a visual representation of your sales process where all your potential customers are displayed and neatly arranged according to their phase in your sales cycle.” inital contact qualificaiton meeting proposal

6. Converting ideas

6.1. convert negotiations in to a lead within system