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French Cinema by Mind Map: French Cinema
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French Cinema

Ch. 1: Silent Era of Film

Georges Melies

Louis Feuillade

Abel Gance

Luis Buñuel

Marcel L'Herbier

Rene Clair

Max Linder

Ch. 2: Golden Age

Jean Renoir

Marcel Carne

Jean Vigo

Julien Duvivier

Ch. 3: Occupation

Henri-Georges Clouzot

Ch. 4: Postwar Era

Jean Cocteau

Max Ophuls

Robert Bresson

Jacques Becker

Rene Clement

Jean-Pierre Melville

Jacques TAti

Alain Resnais

Roger Vadim

Ch. 5: The New Wave

Louis Malle

Francois Truffaut

Marcel Camus

Jean-Luc Godard

Claude Sautet

Claude Chabrol

Eric Rohmer

Georges Franju

Roman Polanski

Luis Bunuel

Gillo Pontecorvo

Agnes Varda

Bertrand Blier

Ch. 6: The 70s


Barbet Schroeder

Ch. 7: The 80s

Claude Berri

Bertrand Tavernier

Anrzej Wadja

Maurice Pielat

Ch. 8: The 90s and Beyond

Mathieu Kassovitz

Catherine Breillat