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Original Sin by Mind Map: Original Sin
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Original Sin

It is not like breaking a law. 並非如不遵守律法

The fact 事實

gen 3  

Snake 蛇

When did happen? 何時發生?

The woman. 女人

Guilt. 罪惡

No repentance. 不悔改

Only comparing Jesus to Adam we can understand the fall. 只要比較耶穌和亞當就可以了解墮落

What is sin. 什麼是罪

"Αμαρτία" miss the way. 罪:失誤


Separation. 分離

Man created without sin. 人被造時是沒有罪的

Understand God as power, not love. 誤解神如同強大能力而非愛

God's law. 上帝的律法

Sin (breaking the law) is disease of the whole man. 罪(破壞律法)是全人類的疾病

God is not offended. 上帝不會被冒犯

Church is a hospital. 教會是醫院

Salvation is never individualistic. It is membership in church. 救恩未曾是個體的,是屬教會的成員

Did God create a trap? 是上帝設下的陷阱


gen 5:1 gen 9:6 col 3:10 , james 3:9

The fruit of knowledge. 分別善惡樹上的果子

The fruit of life. 生命樹

The fall was not nessesary. 不需要經過墮落

some people say that man SHOULD FALL because 1. to exercse his freedom 2. he came from zero, so he should return to zero 3 to learn morality  

The temptation. 試探

Theologians. 神學家


Death. 死亡

Existed before the fall? 早已存在在墮落之前?

Separation from God. 與神分離

God did not created death. 上帝未創造死亡

Consequences... 導致結果...

Disease of human nature. 人性的疾病

Disease in universe. 疾病在宇宙中

rom 9:19-22  

Salvation. 救恩

Maria is cleaned during the conception by holy spirit. 馬利亞在懷孕時聖靈將她潔淨

3rd Ecumenical condemn's Pelagios. 第三次大公會議譴責Pelagios.

Incarnation? 道成肉身?

Adam. 亞當

Justitia original is 在伊甸園只是一個雛形

After the fall. 墮落之後

Origin of sin. 罪的根源

Life is to live in love and communion. 生命是活在愛與共融中

God is not responsible of sin. 上帝不需要為罪付出代價

Sin is not something that must happen. 罪並不是必須發生的事件

Freedom is foundational attribute of being. 自由的根基必須架構在存在

Why does God allow me to commit sin? 為什麼上帝容許我犯罪?