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social class by Mind Map: social class
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social class


the media potrays a huge impact on young people as it develops an image that young people are wanting to follow allowing young people especially from a lower class to struggle to fulfill this image as they are unable to buy the expensive telephones clothes ect.


politicians fight for the right of young people to have entitlements in all social classes.


public vs private schooling 60% of students within Australia are chosen on the basis of their schooling name and whether they can pay university fees upfront

employment is also based on the your education and qualifications that are held



studies have shown that 70% of young people who are homeless are wanting to get a job. However, with the lack of education and experience are unable to work




higer class-if you are class you can be under the tax minimisation scheme where you pay less tax. For a younger person who comes from a family with a high income this allows the young person to also be under the tax minimization scheme.


youth allowance allows young people who come from a low social class entitlements on behalf of their studies. However, young people who live with their parents who earn over the high income bracket are not entitled to this package.


family become an important factor within social class because as a young people if you come from a high social class you do not have to work as hard as a person who comes from a middle class or a low social class. People who come from a middle or low social class have to work hard to make a living.