Comprehension Skills

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Comprehension Skills by Mind Map: Comprehension Skills

1. Visuallising

1.1. Imagining the story as a movie in your mind.

1.2. Helps you understand the story.

1.3. It makes it easier to place yourself in the character's shoes, and the scene would play out fluidly and in brilliant details in your mind's eye as you read.

2. Summarizing

2.1. Picking out the main points of the story.

2.2. Helps you remember what you read.

2.3. The whole idea of the story

3. Making Connections

3.1. Relate what you read to yourself or to the world.

3.2. helps you to understand the story better.

3.3. Helps you to enjoy and like what you are reading.

3.4. You get to link the dots and join pieces together, solving a little mystery of your own without having a character in the book explain it to you.

4. Prior Knowledge

4.1. Using your knowledge to understand new ideas.

4.2. Helps you understand what you read.

4.3. Gives you a feel of what to expect and so you feel a deeper understanding of the character's actions and the story's plot.

5. Synthesizing

5.1. Linking stuff together gives you a more concise, yet sufficiently informed version of the story.

6. Inferring

6.1. Using clues in the text to infer an idea that the author did not write.

6.2. Helps add more meaning to the story.

6.3. Brings more depth to the book.

7. Evaluating

7.1. Making judgements of what you read and explaining why.

8. Questioning

8.1. Helps you to find information that helps you to understand better.

8.1.1. Where, Why, When, What, Who, how.

8.2. When you question, there is some form of debate, and out of a debate comes learning points indifinitely,without a doubt.

9. Context clues

9.1. Read the words before and after the word you do not know.

9.1.1. From this we are able to gather clues as to what is meant by the word. And thus, we get the meanings of the phrase or word and get to add it to our volcabulary.

9.2. We can add words to our vocabulary under our assumed but close meaning.